The pharmaceutical industries in India are excelling rapid in the markets. With number of best PCD pharma companies increasing on a daily note, getting to know the best among them is Aster Medipharm. Before going to that, PCD stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution. This is completely based on the trading as well as supplying of complete range of pharmaceutical formulations such as injections, liquids, tablets, capsules, powders, syrups and every other drug.


Looking at the varied opportunities across this industry, Aster Medipharm which is now revolving as the leading PCD based pharma companies in India provide you pharmaceutical products as per the newest trends in the market. We offer medicine services in a well organized manner and also ensure that we provide highly specialized administration.

Getting to know our company’s best always prove to offer you a better service and customer satisfaction. When you get to deal with multi range of pharmaceutical products inclusive of medicated shampoos, ayurvedic products and herbal products you get to trade with wholesome product range thus acquiring maximum reputation in the market.

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We as the best PCD pharma company in India will be able to offer everything you need in a confined manner. Be it tablets, ointments or tonic powders you are sure to receive products that are demanding in the market. Though India has many such reputed firms, it is vital that you pick the best PCD pharma companies In India like us for your trading and supplying needs.

India's Leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company

As a leading PCD pharmaceutical franchise company, Aster Medi Pharma is at the forefront of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. With a strong network of distributors across the country and a broad range of products, Aster Medi Pharma has cemented its position with a strong infrastructure and dedication to excellence.

Key Highlights

Extensive Product Range

Aster Medi Pharma boasts an extensive portfolio comprising over 800 products across various therapeutic categories. This diverse range includes:

  • Analgesics: Medications to relieve pain, ensuring comfort and improved quality of life.
  • Cardiac & Diabetic Care: Specialized products catering to cardiovascular and diabetic health, crucial for managing chronic conditions.
  • Antiulcerants: Formulations that aid in treating and preventing ulcers, promoting gastrointestinal health.
  • Nutritionals: Essential supplements and nutritional products vital for overall health and well-being.
  • Anti Allergic: Medications that alleviate allergic reactions, providing relief from common allergens.
  • Orthopedics (Ortho): Products tailored for orthopedic care, supporting bone and joint health.
  • Anticold: Treatments for cold and related symptoms, addressing seasonal health challenges.
  • Antibiotics: Essential antibiotics for treating bacterial infections, ensuring effective therapeutic outcomes.

This comprehensive range enables Aster Medi Pharma to cater to a wide spectrum of healthcare needs, making it a preferred choice among healthcare providers and patients alike.

Strong Distribution Network

Throughout India, Aster Medi Pharma has more than 1000 distributors in its network. With the help of this vast distribution network, their products are guaranteed to be widely accessible and can be delivered quickly and effectively to pharmacies, medical professionals, and healthcare facilities across the country. The company's strong distribution and logistics skills are essential for ensuring that the supply chain runs smoothly, which raises customer satisfaction and expands its market reach.

Certifications and Quality Standards

Aster Medi Pharma maintains the greatest levels of safety and quality. The organization's ISO 9001:2015 certification highlights its dedication to implementing quality management systems that satisfy global standards. Furthermore, their facilities follow World Health Organization - Good Manufacturing Practices (WHO-GMP) guidelines, guaranteeing that each product produced satisfies exacting standards for efficacy and quality. These accreditations serve to bolster Aster Medi Pharma's reputation as a dependable and credible supplier of high-caliber pharmaceutical products.

Our Division

Aster Medi Pharma operates through various specialized divisions, each focusing on distinct therapeutic areas to meet specific healthcare demands:

  • INCEPTA: Dedicated to innovative healthcare solutions, emphasizing research and development to introduce advanced therapeutic options.
  • ASTER: The core division offering a wide range of pharmaceutical products across multiple therapeutic categories.
  • ASTER Cardiac and Diabetic Care: Specializes in products tailored for cardiac and diabetic patients, addressing critical healthcare needs with specialized formulations.

Aster MediPharma shines as India's premier PCD pharma franchise company. For healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a trusted partner, Aster MediPharma provides lucrative opportunities and unparalleled support. Contact us today to explore how Aster can empower your business and deliver high-quality healthcare solutions nationwide. Reach us to start a rewarding partnership with Aster MediPharma.

You can sail through even unrepresented areas if tagged to a well established firm like Aster Medipharm which is ready to offer you with quality service on time with hassle free transactions.