Tendobriz-Frote Tablets

Tendobriz-Frote Tablets are a comprehensive dietary supplement designed to promote bone, joint, and muscle health. This formulation combines several key ingredients known for their roles in supporting connective tissue, joint function, and overall musculoskeletal well-being.

Key Ingredients:

  • L-Arginine (as Sustained Release Form): 500 mg
  • Chondroitin Sulphate Sodium: 200 mg
  • Collagen Peptide Type 1: 40 mg
  • Vitamin C: 35 mg
  • : 30 mg


Joint Health:

  • Essential elements of cartilage that support joint flexibility and strength include collagen peptide type 1 and chondroitin sulphate sodium. They facilitate mobility and aid in preserving joint integrity.
  • By decreasing friction between bones and enhancing joint comfort, sodium hyaluronate helps lubricate and cushion joints.

Support for muscles:

  • L-arginine helps with muscle recovery and strength after exercise by promoting protein synthesis and muscle repair.

Bone Well-being:

  • Collagen Peptide Type 1 is essential for maintaining bone health and resilience by contributing to bone strength and structure.

Protection from Antioxidants:

  • As an antioxidant, vitamin C guards against the harm that free radicals can do to cells. It also promotes the synthesis of collagen, which benefits the general health of the skin and tissues.

Technology for Sustained Release:

  • L-arginine’s sustained-release formulation maximizes its benefits over time by ensuring a slow and steady release of the active ingredient.

Safety Information:

  • Adverse effects: When taken as prescribed, they are usually well tolerated. Gastrointestinal discomfort is one possible mild side effect.
  • Warnings: If you are expecting, nursing, or taking any medication, especially blood thinners or blood pressure medication, speak with a healthcare provider before using this product.
  • Allergies: Avoid using if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients.
  • Dosage and Administration: As recommended by a healthcare professional or on the product label, take Tendobriz-Frote tablets orally with water.Usually, it is advised to take it with meals to improve absorption and lower the possibility of an upset stomach.


  • Store Tendobriz-Frote tablets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep it out of the reach of children.

Tendobriz-Frote Tablets are a synergistic combination of ingredients that work together to support the health of your joints, bones, and muscles by improving connective tissues and your overall musculoskeletal system. Including this dietary supplement in a healthy lifestyle may help preserve general well-being, flexibility, and mobility.

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GDLAX Isabgol Powder, Sugar-Free (100 g)

Key Ingredients: Isabgol Husk (Plantago ovata)


The natural fiber supplement GDLAX Isabgol Powder Sugar Free is made from the Isabgol plant’s (Plantago ovata) husk. Isabgol, sometimes referred to as psyllium husk, is a well-liked dietary fiber that has several health advantages, most notably supporting regularity and digestive health.


Digestive Health:

Fiber Content: Soluble fiber, which forms a gel-like substance in the bowels after absorbing water, is abundant in isabgol husk. This relieves constipation by encouraging regular bowel movements and softening stools.Bulk-forming Agent: It gives the stool more volume, which facilitates food digestion and promotes digestive health in general.

Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS):

The mild laxative action of isabgol husk can help reduce bloating, discomfort in the abdomen, and irregular bowel movements, which are symptoms of IBS.

Blood Sugar Control:

Because the soluble fiber in isabgol husk slows down the absorption of sugar from the digestive tract, it may help control blood sugar levels.

Cholesterol Management:

Isabgol husk binds to bile acids and facilitates their excretion, which may help lower cholesterol, especially LDL (bad) cholesterol, when consumed regularly.

Safety Information:

  • Usage: Take one serving of GDLAX Isabgol Powder Sugar Free right away by mixing it with water or your preferred beverage. To ensure optimal hydration, have another glass of water afterward.
  • Side Effects: Isabgol husk side effects are usually well tolerated. On the other hand, some people may initially have mild gas or bloating, which usually goes away with continued use.
  • Precautions: When using Isabgol husk, make sure you’re getting enough fluids to stay hydrated. If you have trouble swallowing, stay away from using Isabgol, as it may swell and cause choking. If you are taking any medication or have any underlying medical conditions, speak with a healthcare provider before beginning Isabgol Husk.


Store GDLAX Isabgol Powder Sugar Free in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep it tightly sealed and out of reach of children.

A simple and all-natural method of enhancing dietary fiber intake while promoting regular digestion and good gastrointestinal health is with GDLAX Isabgol Powder Sugar Free. Optimizing digestive function and overall health can be achieved by incorporating this supplement into a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

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Shezex Forte

Shezex Forte softgel capsules

Key Ingredients:

Clindamycin Phosphate: 100 mg

Clotrimazole: 100 mg

Tinidazole: 100 mg


The purpose of Shezex Forte Softgel Capsules is to treat vaginal infections exclusively. This combination drug targets a wide range of pathogens frequently linked to vaginal infections by combining antibiotics and an antifungal agent.


Comprehensive Treatment:

  • Clindamycin Phosphate: A lincosaminide antibiotic that works well against some bacteria, like Gardnerella vaginalis, that can cause bacterial vaginosis (BV).
  • Clotrimazole: An antifungal drug called clotrimazole is used to treat fungal infections such as candidiasis or vaginal yeast infections.
  • Tinidazole: Antibiotic with antiprotozoal qualities that is used to treat infections, such as Trichomonas vaginalis, that are brought on by anaerobic bacteria and protozoa.

Relief from Symptoms:

Shezex Forte Softgel Capsules alleviate symptoms such as vaginal itching, abnormal discharge, odour, and discomfort associated with bacterial and fungal vaginal infections.

Safety Information:

  • Usage: Use Shezex Forte Softgel Capsules as prescribed by your physician. Usually, they are injected intravaginally to treat vaginal infections.
  • Side effects: Burning, itching, and mild vaginal irritation are common side effects. If serious irritation or allergic reactions occur, stop using the product and see a doctor.
  • Precautions: Steer clear of sexual activity while taking Shezex Forte to avoid irritability or infection spreading. Tell your doctor about any known allergies you may have to medications, particularly those that contain antibiotics or antifungals. If you’ve ever experienced vaginal irritation or sensitivity to topical medications, proceed with caution.


  • Store Shezex Forte Softgel Capsules at room temperature, away from moisture and heat. Keep them out of the reach of children.

Shezex Forte Softgel Capsules combine antibiotics and antifungal medication in a convenient softgel form to provide a targeted approach to managing vaginal infections. It’s critical to adhere to the recommended treatment plan in order to guarantee symptom relief and stop infection recurrence. See your physician for specific instructions and advice on how to take this medication.

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Astecal-ISO Capsules

Key Ingredients:

  • Calcitriol: 0.25 mg
  • Calcium carbonate: 500 mg
  • Soya Isoflavones (40%): 50 mg
  • Vitamin K2-7: 45 mcg
  • Magnesium (as magnesium oxide light): 50 mg


Astecal-ISO capsules are designed as a complete dietary supplement to promote bone health, especially in women who have gone through menopause and are more susceptible to osteoporosis. The unique nutritional requirements for supporting menopausal symptoms and preventing bone loss linked to oestrogen deficiency are met by this mixture of ingredients.


1. Bone Health Support:

  • Calcitriol is a type of vitamin D that is necessary for the maintenance of bone strength and density because it helps control the body’s levels of calcium and phosphorus.
  • The elemental calcium that calcium carbonate provides is essential for bone mineralization and lowers the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Soya isoflavones are soy-based phytooestrogens that function similarly to oestrogen, which decreases with menopause and may help prevent bone loss.
  • By directing calcium towards bones rather than arteries, vitamin K2-7 promotes bone health by preventing arterial calcification and preserving bone density.
  • Magnesium aids in the mineralization of bones and is involved in bone metabolism.

2. Menopausal Symptom Management:

  • The combination of ingredients in stecal-ISO capsules, particularly soya isoflavone, may help alleviate menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings.

Safety Information:

  • Usage: Follow your doctor’s instructions or the directions on the packaging when taking Astecal-ISO capsules. After meals, it is usually taken orally with water.
  • Adverse effects: When taken as prescribed, they are usually well tolerated. A minor gastrointestinal ache is one possible side effect.
  • Precautions: Use Astecal-ISO capsules carefully and under medical supervision if you have kidney stones, hypercalcemia (high blood calcium levels), or hyperparathyroidism. If you are taking any other medication, are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, speak with a healthcare provider before beginning this supplement. To prevent consuming more calcium than is advised daily, keep an eye on how much calcium you get from other food sources.


Store Astecal-ISO capsules in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep the container tightly closed and out of the reach of children.

Astecal-ISO capsules, with their unique combination of vital nutrients and phytoestrogens, provide a customized approach to supporting bone health and managing menopausal symptoms. During the postmenopausal stage, bone density and general well-being can be supported by incorporating this supplement into a healthy diet and lifestyle. When using this medication, always seek the advice and direction of your healthcare provider.

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Tofago 500 Tablets

Key Ingredients:

  • Naproxen: 500 mg
  • Domperidone: 10 mg

Tofago 500 tablets offer a combined therapeutic approach for conditions requiring gastrointestinal support and anti-inflammatory relief by combining Naproxen and Domperidone.


  • Anti-Inflammatory Action: Naproxen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that helps reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling associated with conditions such as arthritis, gout, menstrual cramps, and musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Gastrointestinal Relief: Domperidone helps alleviate symptoms of nausea and vomiting, providing relief often associated with NSAID use or other gastrointestinal conditions.
  • Combined Relief: Tofago 500 tablets offer a dual-action approach, addressing both pain and associated gastrointestinal symptoms in conditions where inflammation and discomfort coexist.

Safety Information:

  • Usage: Take Tofago 500 tablets by mouth with water, as prescribed by a physician. To reduce stomach upset, taking it with or after food is advised.
  • Side Effects: Naproxen frequently causes stomach distress, heartburn, headaches, dizziness, and sleepiness as side effects. Dizziness, dry mouth, and appetite changes are possible side effects of domperidone.
  • Precautions:
    • Steer clear of alcohol while taking Tofago 500 tablets to lower your chance of experiencing gastrointestinal side effects.
    • Any allergies, medical conditions, or current medications you are taking should be disclosed to your doctor, especially if they include other NSAIDs or medications that affect stomach acidity.
    • Patients with a history of asthma, kidney issues, or gastrointestinal ulcers should use Tofago 500 tablets with caution.
    • It is advised that women who are pregnant or nursing should speak with their doctor before taking Tofago 500 tablets.


  • Store Tofago 500 tablets at room temperature, away from moisture and heat. Keep the tablets in their original packaging and out of reach of children.
  • Tofago 500 Tablets are a good option for conditions that need thorough management because they effectively reduce pain and inflammation and treat related gastrointestinal symptoms. It is important to always follow recommended dosages and safety precautions in order to optimize therapeutic effects and reduce hazards.

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